How do I participate?

Please complete the contact us form so we can keep you updated on events over the coming months.

Your ideas should meet the following criteria:

  • All members of your proposed team should be University of Edinburgh students or staff
    you will need to provide UUNs for all members in the submission form
  • Calendar_IconIt should be possible to implement your idea before May 2015
    all experiments with Glass will need to be run before May 2015 so if you are proposing to use them on a field trip you are taking in July, there is no use applying. The more specific you can be about when and where the experiment will take place the better
  • All experiments should take place on University campus or affiliated premises
    any University campus building is suitable. Affiliated premises will include field trip destinations, NHS premises, placement locations

Can you also answer the following questions

  1. Have you got any relevant staff approval for your idea
    you may want to identify a member of staff to support your idea and its implementation – make sure you approach them prior to submitting your idea if you think that their support will be key to its success
  2. What is the optimum time needed and number of Glass™ headsets required to successfully implement your idea
    we are not currently setting any limits on either but try to estimate what you consider reasonable to successfully implement your ideas
  3. Do you anticipate any ethical issues in what you are proposing
    if you think there are, please let us know what steps you will take to address them

Are you ready to submit your proposal?

Proposal submissions are now open. The closing date is 31st January 2015.

When you are ready, please complete the proposal submission form.



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